Mr. George Floyd was laid to rest yesterday in Houston, Texas. The funeral service in Texas was the third ceremony that was held to celebrate his life. Mr. Floyd’s family also celebrated him in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he died and in North Carolina, where he was born.

People all over the world continue to protest police brutality. They protest to help others avoid the same fate at the hands of the men and women who took an oath to protect and serve.

Mr. George Floyd did not die in vain. Mr. Floyd's death made a change right here in Albany. On Monday legislators responded to the outcries of the nation for police reform. On Monday our legislators approved bills that are meant to target police misconduct including chokeholds that were used on George Floyd in Minnesota and Eric Garner who was right here in New York. Other states are working on legislation to ban chokeholds as well. These chokeholds were already illegal so I don't understand what these laws change?

Legislators in New York didn’t just stop there. They also approved a bill that would allow the public to see an officer’s disciplinary record. For decades powerful police unions have blocked legislation that would allow us to see an officer’s disciplinary records. Officers have been shielded from scrutiny and a victim would never know if they were being abused by an officer who has a record of abuse. This should have already been in place, why would a public job hide workers performance from the public?

This is a good example of why every adult that is eligible to vote should vote. For decades legislators have been hampered from passing these types of bills because the legislature was split. Today Democrats control the legislature making it easier to pass bills. Governor Cuomo has already stated that he intends to pass the bill into law. So do your part, if you are eligible to vote then vote!

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