According to, as of today the most cases of COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus have been reported are right here in the Empire State. There have been 550 cases across 34 states.

New York has had 142 of those cases, most of them being in the New York City and Long Island areas. Even though the Capital Region has had two confirmed cases in Saratoga County, New York City is the most densely populated place in the world so this should come as no surprise.

Other notable states with significant numbers of confirmed viruses are Washington state, which has 136, according to the state. California has 114, the Los Angeles Times reported this afternoon.

New York is the gateway of the world and one of the confirmed cases in New York is the head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Rick Cotton, who tested positive for the virus. He has actually self-contained himself so no one else will get infected.

What are you doing to protect yourself from Coronavirus? Are you concerned?

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