Law enforcement officials believe that the gun violence we have been seeing in the Capital Region involves rival gangs. Today, 47 people have been arrested on drugs and weapons charges and officials believe that the arrests will curb some of the violence we have seen lately.

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According to WNYT, New York State Attorney General Letitia James made the announcement today. She believes that they have captured some of the ringleaders involved in gang violence. She said, “Uptown Associates gang is a drug ring allegedly led by Jamar Brayboy, known as “Un”. His crew reportedly bought and resold heroin and cocaine from New York City throughout the Capital Region and elsewhere in New York and even into Vermont”.

Ms. James mentioned another gang, allegedly led by Tashawn Morris, that operates mostly in Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady Counties. She said that the gangs were responsible for drive-by shootings and homicides that occurred in the past year. She says that the gangs were involved in the fatal shooting of Chyna Forney, a promising high school student.

The individuals who were arrested were as follows:

Zaequial Shaw of Albany. Tyshawn Morris of Schenectady
Thomas Hemingway of Albany. Teresa Stanley of Albany
Ronald Perser of Albany. Ronald Evans of Albany
Ronald Berg of Schenectady. Rizel Sims of Montgomery
Prince Cureton of Albany. Pedro Davila of Albany
Niezier Ellis of Albany. Nicholas Higgins of Albany
Neylon Wagner of Schenectady. Mazene Lacy of Albany
Marcus Villano of Schenectady. Manief Fields of Albany
Luis Navarro of Schenectady. Kymale Thompson of Albany
Ketone Kirkley of Albany. Kayontee Bartee of Albany
Kacy Weaver of Albany. Josue Nunez of Albany.
Josue Nunez of Albany. Jose Miller of Albany
Jorge Mendez of Albany. John Chapman of Albany
Joemar Nunezof Albany. Jesse Corner of Albany
Jamar Brayboy of Albany. Jahmere Manning of Albany
Frederick Williams of Albany. Frederick Heidelmak of Albany
Eshawn Berkeley of Albany. Erica Mason of Warren
Emmanuel Smith of Warren. El-Shaquille of Albany
Drew Greene of Albany. Dontray Lunday of Schenectady
Dontray Lunday of Albany. Derek George of Albany.
Darrell Anderson of Schenectady Daniel Ingersoll of Albany
Daion Morris of Rensselaer. Christina Lewis of Rensselaer
Benjamin Badgley of Clinton. Anthony Golson of Albany
Angel Soto of Albany. Anderson Benoit of Rutland, Vermont
Alvin Foy of Albany

The suspects were arrested for Conspiracy, Selling and Possession of Controlled Substances and Guns and Enterprise Corruption, If they are convicted, they are potentially looking at mandatory life sentences. Do you think this bust will help deter the recent crime streak in Albany?

Capital Region Mugshots 03.02.21

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