Here is breaking news, Most people are dishonest, I don’t know if you need a survey to tell you that but I found one. According to SWNS most people would lie and steal if they had the opportunity to get away with it. In a recent survey, they questioned people's morals by giving them examples of shady behavior and asked over 2000 people what they would do in these instances.

Here are the results of the shadiness of people we know.

1. 53% of people wouldn't say anything if they got too much change back at a store.
2. 48% would pocket cash that someone else left in an ATM.

3. 33% say they'd keep a LOT of money that didn't belong to them, roughly $325,000, if they knew they could get away with it.
4. 33% would keep a gadget or lost item they found on a bus.
5. And only 30% would tell a friend if they found out that person's significant other was cheating on them.

None of this comes as a surprise to me, but how many people taking the survey were lying? Most people are shady so there is no telling if the participants were even telling the truth. What would you do in any of these circumstances?

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