If you have ever watched the show Masterchef, like me you may think "oh, they show up and pick food out and cook". Nope.

For Carli Spiegel, a Villa Valenti Pub Bartender, she made it to Los Angeles and onto TV.

I wrote up back I want to say in September or early October about Masterchef holding auditions for its upcoming season in New York City. That indeed is where Charli gave it a go. From there she was chosen to be flown to California for the actual TV portion of the try out.

In an article written by the Times Union, she discusses everything. She was forbidden to tell anyone, anything prior to the show airing and had to lie to many of her Villa Valenti patrons. Beyond that she discussed whether or not she was paid for the entire thing. One would assume at least they would be paid something but indeed not.

I won't spoil the show for you, but you should check it out and see a local girl cook up some damn delicious looking food. More from Times Union here.

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