In fact, this could be a historic moment for our furry felines nationwide. No state has yet to ban this procedure.

As a cat lover myself, I am all for this. Declawing cats is 100% for the human owner and doesn't help the cats well-being one iota. Sure, if you have a cat that scratches up furniture, or even you, this would be a way you could solve the issue. Maybe look into training your pet instead? Lets hope not, but if your cat ever got loose they would have no way to fend for themselves without claws.

Alright, enough of my rant. You get the point.

So no state in the country has banned this measure, Governor Cuomo can indeed change that. I used the word historical moment a little liberally in the above statement, but it really could be. This could happen for us and trigger a response throughout the US. Who knows?

More about the potential banning linked here from News 10.

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