Ticks make your skin crawl enough. Knowing there will be a whole lot more of them this year does not help.

There are many things that creep me out more than finding a tick dug into my skin. Add in the chance of contracting Lyme Disease, and the whole situation goes even further downhill.

According to a New York Upstate story, there will be even more of the creepy critters to deal with this summer. Because of the lack of a late winter snowfall, the report says higher numbers of tickets are already being seen. This lack of snowfall basically allowed deer ticks to lay more eggs, hence more tickets. The higher populations are forcing the ticks into open lawns (They usually live on shady, damp areas), so chances are you will come in contact with more tickets this summer.

So keep an eye out for ticks on yourself and your kids, and also keep an eye out for the symptoms of Lyme disease which include a bulls eye rash, fever, joint pain and body aches. Lyme disease is treatable when caught early!

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