A 22-year-old woman is happy to be alive after being the victim of a vicious attack on March 5 inside a housing project in NYC. Lakeeya Walker, who's 7 weeks pregnant and works as a caretaker at the Chelsea-Elliot Houses, says she was attacked and beaten by a man she doesn't know who became angry after she didn’t say “thank you” when he held the door for her.

He picked me up off the ground, has his hands around my neck," said Lakeeya Walker, a pregnant woman and NYCHA worker. "He would've got more hits, but I was dodging him, not staying still, so he would have a landmark up.""He was basically saying, 'I'm going to kick that baby out of your womb,'" Walker said.

The baby is okay and the police believe they know who the suspect is ... Who would do something like this ?


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