So every night ladies and gentlemen I pose the Love & War question of the night on you. Let's recap last night's Love & War question and topical discussion to see what some of you had to say!

This week, when Kandi's wedding aired on Bravo's RHOA spinoff, it had the Internet a buzz. How could she hit her fiance Todd last minute with a legal document such as a pre-nup just two days before the wedding? Did she actually think he could agree to some of the terms without thinking things through and seeking legal counsel?

I don't know about you, but I wasn't too cool with some of the terms she presented. For example, if they divorce, he would have to exit her house in 30 days. Wow, that's kinda rough girl. At least give the brother 90 days...SMH!

How do you feel about pre-nups? Would you sign if you were marrying rich? If you were rich, would you ask your fiance to sign?

I asked you, the listener, this on air and  on Facebook the other night and of course, it opened a can of worms!

Y'all are an opinionated bunch, but I LOVE that!

Let's see how Facebook responded...

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