Peter Gunz is still in this dog house this week. Tara claims to be done with him since she now knows he and Amina are married. In the aftermath, Peter returns to the apartment he shares with Tara looking sorry, but she has no sympathy for him. This is one double-crossed lover who won't be played with. For starters, she throws all of his belongings out on the street.

As Peter approaches Tara, she begins to beat him up. “Go home to your wife,” Tara yells at him, her eyes red with anger. “I am home with my wife,” a delusional Peter responds. At what point does he realize that it’s over for him?

It’s also a big day for Saigon as he’s having a birthday party and also finally reading the results of his paternity test. He wants to find out if the son he has with Erica is really his child. The rapper opens up the envelope and an instant smile comes across his face when it’s confirmed that he is the father. “The boy is mine!” Saigon yells. Now as far as a relationship between the two parents, he still wants to take his time. “I wanna do it when I know I’m ready,” he explains to Erica, who seems cool with that answer.

Later, Yandy says signing Amina to a label is no good now that this whole wife-girlfriend relationship has blown up with Peter Gunz. This is a given.

Erica Mena then takes her girlfriend Cyn on a beach date. She brings Cyn’s favorite food, Chipotle, to butter her up for what she’s about to tell her. “I was considering working with Rich again,” Erica says. However, Cyn isn’t feeling the idea. Erica later invites Rich Dollaz to her photo shoot for her “real fantasy art of sex” book that she is writing. While there, Rich gets chewed out by Cyn, who “thinks it's f---ed up” how he played Erica last season. He says a business relationship can’t happen if her girlfriend isn’t feeling it. But Erica persists.

Meanwhile, Tahiry meets Joe Budden at their therapist’s office to talk about him having another woman in her bed. As Joe sits stone-faced and careless and denies his wrongdoing, it only infuriates Tahiry even more. “If you cared about me, you wouldn’t do that to me,” she says before storming out.

Peter finds his way back to his wife Amina’s place, where she’s still in shock about Tara hitting her. “What kind of evil bitch did you have babies with?” she asks him. “You shouldn’t be shocked that you got jacked,” Gunz says. His reasoning is that Tara is the mother of his child, so she was going to get angry. Yet Amina has a point in that Peter lied and told her that he and Tara were no longer in a relationship. “She’s gone. I’m not losing you,” he tells her. OK, we’ll see.

Poor heartbroken Tahiry tells her friend Rashidah -- who switched from bright red to yellow sunshine hair -- that she and Joe are through. “I thought I would have a happy ending. I’m just tired,” Tahiry admits. To help cheer her up, Rashidah invites her to a networking event for professional women. Erica Mena shows up with her girlfriend in toe, but Nya is also in the building and she’s starting trouble. Somehow the topic of Joe Budden comes up and Tahiry gives Nya the side eye.

Things get heated when Nya says she’s probably the only chick “who he didn’t f---.” Tahiry takes offense and Nya digs a deeper hole. “Them Spanish bitches is crazy. Y’all like sharing d---,” Nya states. After they walk away for some time, the two ladies hug it out and make up before new enemies are made.

Peter makes one last return to Tara’s house before the episode is over. She’s back it again, ripping and shredding all his remaining clothing and instruments to pieces. When he arrives, more drama unfolds and Peter refuses to accept he is at fault. “I love you,” he tells Tara before leaving.

For the finale, Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz meet up once again without her girlfriend being there. She basically begs him to work together again and comes with the old artist contract he tried to get her to sign last season. Basically, Erica is signed, sealed, delivered and ready “to make more money” with Rich.” This is only going to get messier.

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