While the past two episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood focused on the growing relationship between Moniece Slaughter and Rich Dollaz as well as the crumbling of Ray J and Princess Love's relationship, this week the spotlight turns to the romance drama of the other characters, which isn't only refreshing but also fuels the dramatic fire.

Ray is still bothered by the fact that Teairra Mari and Princess are talking to each other and consoles his longtime friend, Brandi Boyd, for advice. After he tells her what's up, Whitney Houston's goddaughter is skeptical about Teairra's intentions regarding this newly found friendship. Although she's helping Ray out with his issues, Brandi has a few of her own.

Ray also revealed that he and Brandi's husband, Max Lux, are working together again. And if you've seen the R&B crooner's obsession with the strippers and the party life, it's not too surprising that Brandi is really worried about this, especially since her husband did cheat on her in the past.

Things don't get any better for her when she finds their son playing with his dad's wedding ring while he's at the studio. Worried about what her man could be doing at the studio, she recruits Nikki Mudarris to check up on him one night. And unfortunately, they find Max partying with some ladies. So what else could Brandi do but get ready to defend her honor and fight. But of course, Max tries to diffuse the situation by taking her out of the room.

Meanwhile Soulja Boy's little love triangle gets more heated when Nas, his alleged sidepiece, shows up to his video shoot for "Whippin My Wrist." Soulja does not appreciate the surprise visit but talks to her anyway. As Nas tries to figure out their situation, Soulja explains to her that what they did have is over. The "Crank That" rapper added that their relationship was just sex and nothing more. Nas is obviously upset and leaves the situation; however, her problems don't end there.

Nia Riley, Soulja's baby mama, wants to set things straight. The two meet for drinks to discuss the current situation, but it gets crazy in minutes. While Nas keeps telling Nia that Soulja has been creeping, Nia doesn't seem to care, fights back and says that even though she and Soulja could break up Nas will never be in the picture. By the end of it, Nia throws a drink at Nas, and the two ladies are carted out of the restaurant by security.

Love keeps going downhill in this episode as we see things between Milan Christopher and Miles Brock fizzle out, too. Since Miles isn't out yet, Milan is getting anxious and upset about it because they can't just be a couple in public. But because Miles has also been meeting up with Amber Hunter behind Milan's back. So when Milan is forced to think that Miles is cheating, you kind of have to consider Milan's thinking on this one. Despite Miles and Amber being platonic, Milan shouldn't be left in the dark. However, when Milan confronts Miles about the situation, Brock is so upset that he just walks out on his man, leaving the situation very open-ended.

While Moniece is all happy in love with Rich, Fizz is really enjoying the single life. However in this episode, we find out that he's been dating this model named Kamiah. Not only have they been seeing each other, he let her crash at his house while he was out of town and gave her two drawers to put her stuff in. But to Fizz's surprise, he came back home to his house completely rearranged and a lot of Kamiah's stuff moved in. After confiding in fellow B2K-er Omarion, it's clear that Fizz has to talk to Kamiah. And after the two discuss things and he admits that she's not the only girl he's been having fun with, she was so taken aback that she just said she was done. But obviously in all things Love & Hip Hop are they really done? Probably not.

Despite all the drama around her, Teairra has really been turning a new leaf since the season started. Instead of starting fires, she's putting them out. First, she made friends with Princess, then hugged it out with Ray and now she's playing nice with Hazel-E again. Despite all the drama they had with Birdman, the two talk it out. While it looked like it would flare up into another screaming match, the two realize that they miss the friendship and move forward -- at least for now.

Things are clearly getting heated on this season so make sure to tune in next week to find out how it all unfolds.

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