50 Cent definitely understands the power of the dollar. Through his two decades in the game, he’s filled his piggy bank with an abundance of old money and big faces. G-Unit Records, G-Unit Clothing, water, vodka, champagne, energy drinks, movies, TV shows, video games, headphones, boxing management and more. You name the hustle and Fif has tried his hand in it and more than likely made a profit. As of late, it appears you can add cold-hearted loan shark and one-man debt collection agency to Curtis’ means of stacking paper.

It started in January 2019, when 50 won a court case against singer/reality TV star Teairra Mari and was awarded $30,000: 30 racks that Fif' has yet to receive as of the writing of this piece. That hasn’t stopped him from harassing the singer about his coins every chance he gets.

Since then, it has come out that 50 has apparently been a money lender to the stars. It’s become a regular occurrence for the Queens rap mogul to call out a different celebrity for owing him a sizable amount of change. He’s even jokingly adopted the nickname of Fofty for his debt-collecting alter ego, after one of his debtors, Power producer Randall Emmett, called him that by mistake via text.

It’s gotten so bad Fif recently had someone pay him money for a CD they stole in the fifth grade for fear of being put on blast.

"Yo, so check it out. Why a nigga come in the store and give me this $20 right here, right. He said, 'Here take it,' and said, 'I stole your CD in fifth grade,'" 50 revealed on Instagram. "Yo listen, 'My cousin, the only person knew about it was my cousin, but this bitch on some bullshit. So, I know she gon' go left on me. I don't need you putting me all on your Instagram and everything.' Shit is wild. Fofty!"

Who is next to get called out? Do you owe Curtis money? With 50 recently on the rampage, XXL compiles a list of people who have felt Fofty’s wrath and been called out by the rapper for having outstanding debts.

  • Teairra Mari

    Debt: $30,000
  • Randall Emmett

    Debt: $1,000,000

    50 Cent called out fellow Power producer Randall Emmett in April 2019 for owing him $1 million, after getting into a spat with Randall’s girlfriend, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, on social media.

    "Did you tell her you owed me $1 million over six years. Keep playing with me and get your fucking head cracked in front of everybody," 50 texted in one screenshot he posted on IG to expose the matter. The rapper shared another post claiming Randall paid him $250,000 of the debt but still owed more.

    "You better get me my money fool," he later added.

    Two days later, 50 revealed the debt had been paid. "I got my money, so I have no problem with @randallemmettfilms," 50 captioned a screenshot of texts from Emmett begging him to stop posting about the matter. "In fact I’m wishing him and his family a very blessed day. positive vibes now guys. LOL"

    50 Cent via Instagram
    50 Cent via Instagram
  • Young Buck

    Debt: $300,000

    A couple months after Young Buck expressed concern over the status of his deal with G-Unit, he and 50 began to exchange shots on social media. 50 Cent started a GoFundMe in order to raise enough money for Young Buck to get out of his G-Unit contract. The goal of the fund was $300,000.

    “Help Young Buck get away from Fofty,” 50 captioned a screenshot of the page on IG. “Just make a donation and set your favorite rapper free. Fofty wants his fucking money.”

  • Jackie Long

    Debt: $250,000 (plus interest)

    Fofty added actor/producer Jackie Long to the list in May 2019, when he randomly commented under one of Long’s posts, "This punk ass nigga @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine by Monday fool."

    Long responded, "Nigga I gave you $250k you bitching about what nigga?"

    The G-Unit boss retorted, "Jackie interest Jackie you gotta pay me, puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life."

    A day later, 50 revealed that Jackie’s debt had been paid. “Me and @jackielong talked and after receiving a small cash app, we are squared away,” Fif wrote on IG. “I have no problem with Jackie In fact, I’m wishing him and his family the best God bless. Positive Vibes only.”

  • Rotimi

    Debt: $300,000

    50 accused actor/singer Rotimi, who plays on Power, of owing him $300,000 in May 2019. Re-posting a video of Rotimi celebrating his new album topping the Billboard R&B charts, 50 called him out. "Man fuck all that I want my money by Monday," he wrote with the video. "Cash nigga where the bag at?”

    He added, "I want to punch this nigga nose @Rotimi got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang. My man you owe a outstanding balance of $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank.”

    Fif' later claimed Rotimi paid off some of the debt but still had an outstanding balance. Rotimi denied owing Fif' money and questioned the timing of his co-star's claims.

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