Actor/Singer Rotimi stopped by the Breakfast CLub to talk Power Season 4. Rotimi plays a character called Andre Coleman, the quick-tempered young protégé of the character Ghost. He stars along side 50 cent on the hit TV show on Starz. Rotimi is also a music artist who scores a lot of the scenes on Power.  He has just released his first EP called Jeep Music.

  • Rotimi is always known for acting but he is also an accomplished R&B singer he has just released his project called Jeep Music. The music is about a past relationship that he had through out his college years.
  • Rotimi believes sex is cheap and way to many people are promiscuous.  He believes this has taken away from Love.
  • T.I. offered him a record deal but he felt like he wasn't ready and wanted to focus on acting.
  • He didn't originally want to act he got into acting because it was the only way he could make money.  He actually got an audition from the television show Boss, and learned how to act on the spot.
  • He went to the same high school as new music artist SZA.

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