Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is already off to a dramatic start. With the focus mainly on Ray J's party life last week and Princess getting into a fight, there were a number of characters absent from the episode. However, this week we get to catch up with the rest.

Soulja Boy is busy getting ready for his tour when Fizz stops by to kick it -- he's recording in the studio space next door. While Fizz explains that he's enjoying his single life, Soulja says that Nia Riley is the woman for him. Despite all the other women he meets on the road, that's his ride or die chick. However, Soulja doesn't deny the existence of side chicks but tells Fizz that he and Nia have an understanding about it and no other woman will ruin what they have.

Meanwhile, it looks like Rich Dollaz is really falling for Moniece Slaughter. He surprises her with a romantic dinner at the place he rented for the week. And although he's ready to eat some grub and then have Moniece for dessert, she turns everything the other way when she starts bringing up his move to Los Angeles, meeting her family and potentially getting a vasectomy because she no longer wants any children. Of course, Rich is taken aback by the entire conversation and puts the brakes on things -- this isn't common dinner talk. While Moniece really wants to continue this conversation, she realizes it's not the time nor the place. So she gets back to the romance.

However, since that night, there's one thing that Rich has been wanting to get off his chest. At the pool, Rich addresses the serious relationship territory they're in, which means he wants the tattoo she has inspired by her first boyfriend gone. Moniece agrees to cover it up, but that's not going to come easy. She tells Rich that if she does this, he needs to move to Los Angeles. Rich quickly replies by saying that he's bicoastal at the moment as this "situation" gets bigger. Moniece and Rich head to a tattoo shop so she can fix her ink. Before she gets it done, she tries to get Rich to commit to moving in with her. In infamous Rich Dollaz fashion, he somehow weasels his way out of there, leaving Moniece by herself to get a new tattoo.

Teairra Mari and Nikki Mudarris are working on a fashion show but need some models. They contact a girl named Nas, who has a network of models and her own fitness boot camp called Handsome Fitness. While she sounds great, the whole conversation goes south when Nas talks about her troubles with Soulja Boy. (Wait, what?) Nas explains that she and Soulja Boy have been on and off for a few years now -- they met through Nia, aka his girlfriend.

Nas and Nia were best friends, but the spark between Nas and Soulja Boy (naturally) severed that. The last time the two had sex was two weeks ago, which means Soulja is cheating on Nia. So after the conversation, the newly single Teairra has some advice for Nas and tells her to get away from Soulja Boy. And once that dust settles, the three ladies continue on with their business meeting and toast to a solid partnership.

But of course, Nikki, being the good friend that she is to Nia, can't hold in the news she heard at the meeting. During a shopping trip, Nikki tells Nia about her meeting with Teairra and Nas. The moment Nia hears Nas' name proves things don't look good. Nia explains that they were friends back in Altanta years ago. However, things ended when she swooped in while Nia and Soulja were on a break. Nikki noticed that Nia is pretty calm after finding out that someone might be sleeping with her man. So she asks if they are in an open relationship. While Nia bypasses the question by saying she knows her place in the relationship, Nikki mentions the boot camp Nas invited her to and, in turn, asked Nia if she wants to come along.

Curious to find out what Nas has to say, Nia welcomes the invitation. Unsurprisingly, when the two come to Nas' boot camp, Nas refuses to start the class until she and Nia talk. Nia tries to keep her cool while Nas starts to wile out, forgetting that everyone is watching. Nia explains that even if she leaves Soulja, he will never end up with Nas. The two start arguing, and all the ladies learn two things about this situation: Nas is probably still creeping around with Soulja and Nia knows about Soulja's other ladies but still stays with him.

Last time we say Milan Christopher and Miles Brock together, they were in bed. But in this week's episode, we see them at the strip club and making it rain. And while they're hanging out together in public, they have to make it look like they're just best friends. And considering the fact that Milan wants to show PDA like "regular couples," this charade is something he's really tired of.

On the car ride home, Milan and Miles get into a conversation about coming out and moving in together. However, Miles is still not comfortable with everything and hasn't told his ex-girlfriend, Amber Hunter, that he's now with a man. While modeling Teairra's new clothing line, Blaze Hers, she brings Teairra and Moniece up to speed on her situation with Miles. They're broken up, but she wants him back, which she hopes she can get going when he meets her daughter Zoe.

The conversation then moves to Teairra's run-in with Princess Love at the pamper party in last week's episode. While it seemed like Teairra and Princess get along, this week Teairra isn't so sure. Considering the fact Princess got with Ray J while he was with Teairra, she thinks that Princess is going through karma. But Teairra admits she can play along because she needs to keep her enemies real close to her. So when the two go out for drinks, Princess lays it all out and tells Teairra that she's ready to forget about Ray.

We learn more about Miles' situation with Amber, and it's a bit more complicated than just telling his ex-girlfriend that he's got a boyfriend now. Since the father of Amber's daughter, Zoe, died, Miles has been the only father-figure she's had. And Miles admits that he does love Zoe and won't ever do anything to jeopardize that. So for now, he's still going to stay in the closet for Zoe and his best friend, Amber. Now we all hope Milan really understands this, too.

Teairra and Princess finally meet up at the Powder Room for drinks. While Teairra still has her guard up, she hears what Princess has to say -- she really wants to have a friendship with Tea. Princess says that she moved all the way out to L.A. for Ray and has been cooped up in the house for two years. So Tea invites her to Drake's house party to get out of the house and have a good time. Princess obliges. Meanwhile, Teairra is open to being friends but won't hesitate to take Ray and potentially Princess down. She did go through a lot with these two last year after all.

So back at the house, Princess changes into a hot blue number and packs an overnight bag just in case she has too much fun at Drake's party. However, she meets Ray in the driveway. And although Ray tries to be the controlling boyfriend and tells her that she can't go out or needs to change her outfit, Princess stands up for herself and heads out. But before she rolls away, she mentions that she and Teairra have been talking, leaving Ray dumbfounded.

So what does he do? Call Teairra Mari. When they meet, Ray J explains his concerns about the fact that Tea and Princess are talking. And we also find out that this is all in Teairra's plan to break the two up. Tea pretty much tells Ray that neither he nor Princess look happy so why should they still be together. But one curve ball gets thrown when Ray asks Teairra if she'd meet him again at some point in the future.

Season two of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is on fire and it's only the second episode. Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next.

If you want to see how all the drama plays out this week, you can watch the full episode here.

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