Ray J wants the LGBTQ community to know he's an ally.

On Monday (June 6), Brandy's brother hopped on Instagram to share an important message in celebration of Pride Month, which is celebrated in June. In a lengthy video post that lasts nearly 12 minutes, Ray J pined for straight and gay people to unite.

"A lot of niggas that's straight, they don't be trying to shout out the gay community and all my gay niggas the right way," Ray J started. "I gotta do it, ’cause I wanna make sure that niggas is showing nothing but love and I fuck with y'all."

"I just wanna say, it's Gay Pride Month. Shout out to all my gay niggas," he added. "Shout out to everybody in the LGBTQ community. I told my niggas that it need to be more straight niggas giving love to the gay niggas."

Ray J went on to say he wanted to support the month by sponsoring something he called "Ray Pride" concurrently.

"For me, I wanna sponsor the whole Gay Pride Month and do Ray Pride," he continued. "’Cause I want to stamp it. And I wanna make sure we all come together in unity and live life and not give a fuck and get money and ball out and everybody is good, right?"

During the speech, the "Sexy Can I" artist even urged some of his friends to come out of the closet. "Shout out to a couple of the homies that's still trying to act like they not gay. But I know you gay and I told you that and I said, 'Now is the time to just come out and be you,'" he added.

At times during the interview, it is hard to tell if Ray J is being facetious, as he gives hilarious commentary about going to a male strip club with a straight face. He also shouts out all the gay people "that will knock a gay nigga or a straight nigga out if they was disrespecting humanity."

"GAY PRIDE/ RAY PRIDE!! STR8 Ni✅✅as!! Need to show more LOVE TO MY GAY NI✅✅as!!! The time is NOW!!! 🌈🌈," he captioned the post.

In recent years, the hip-hop community has become more accepting of the LGBTQ community, as more artists have come out. Most recently, Isaiah Rashad was outed after someone leaked a sex tape of the TDE rapper with two men. Rashad has since revealed that his sexuality is fluid.

Check out Ray J's lengthy lecture below.

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