young buck

Doing Time
Buck was arrested last month for allegedly threatening to burn down his ex-girlfriend's apartment.
Deja Vu
Even though hip-hop is one of the most creative genres of music, when it comes to song titles, rappers sometimes drop the ball.
Mind Blown
From the random to the serious and everything in between, check out 100 Hip-Hop Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.
We caught up with G-Unit inside The Boombox office in New York City -- Banks, Buck and Yayo were present -- to get the scoop on the making of 'The Beast Is G-Unit' EP, their mindset when it comes to production and what's next for the crew.
Are you up to speed on all things in the Unit? Find out interesting facts like the rapper that prevented 50 Cent from being on a Jennifer Lopez song and how Lloyd Banks' sophomore album really got leaked to the public. This is You Think You Know Hip-Hop? -- the G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit edition.

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