If you thought Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was heavy last week, wait until you find out what goes down in the latest episode.

Willie Taylor is back in the studio, making headway with his musical endeavors, and most importantly, he's happy. Unfortunately, little does he know that his wife, Shanda, has returned to stripping because she's worried about their current financial status.

Rich Dollaz and Ray J stop by to show their support for the former Day 26 member and catch up. However, the conversation moves from music to their relationships, and Rich reveals that while he loves Moniece, he still needs to do him. That may sound nuts but It's clear that Rich has turned over a new leaf this season since leaving New York City -- he's serious about Moniece. But things get a little worrisome when Fizz later tells her that he wants to sit down and have a chat with Rich.

While Moniece understands that Fizz has that right since their son Kameron would be around Rich, she's a little worried about how it'll all go down since these meetings just haven't been going too well for her and Rich (remember what happened with her mom last week?). Rich doesn't seem too excited about it and wonders why he needs to meet Fizz then starts to get mad. But in the end, he goes along with it.

So when Rich and Fizz meet, you can easily feel the tension building. But the two act like gentlemen and talk it out. Rich understands what Fizz is doing because he has his own kids. Fizz appreciates the fact that Rich showed up to talk to him in the first place. Now that they know where their heads are at in the situation, the two shake on it and will work towards integrating Kameron into the fold as well.

Over in the world of Miles Brock and Milan Christopher, they're going through a rough patch since Miles told Amber Hunter and his family he's gay. Miles sets up a romantic picnic on the beach and tells Milan what's been happening since he revealed the news. Milan is quick to get defensive about how he's hurt since he's been kept out of the loop, but Miles makes up -- he wants to introduce Milan to his family.

Now that things are good between Fizz and Moniece and she's stepping up in the mommy department, he now has time to focus on his career and his lady, Nikki Mudarris. He explains that he's been working on the video for his new song "Good Lotion" and wants Nikki to be the star. So Fizz meets her at the strip club to chat, and the two start talking about her fashion show and how Teairra Mari has been skipping out on her duties because of the liposuction surgery.

Hardly any of the Love & Hip Hop cast knew anything about Teairra's surgery, but now it's likely more will find out because Nikki told Fizz. Unfortunately, Fizz gets some bad news when Nikki tells him she can't be in his video because of all her work duties. Before he can get upset about her backing out, he notices Shanda dancing onstage at the club. Not only is he wondering why she's up there but he also feels bad for even looking at Willie's wife.

For most of the season, Apryl Jones and Omarion have been pretty drama-free. However, this week, the two butt heads because Apryl is worried that the focus is on Omarion's career right now, which means that her own business endeavors will be on the back burner forever. Then when she addresses how she feels, he doesn't understand where she's coming from. Apryl tells O that she's been waiting and supporting him for quite some time. But he retorts, telling her she needs to start preparing for her own career whenever she has any free time instead of waiting for him to be done hyping his up.

That's not the only relationship on the rocks. When Fizz and Nikki meet up with Shanda and Willie for his performance, Nikki spills the beans about Shanda's stripping gig at her club. Willie feels completely blindsided by the whole thing. Shanda reveals she only returned to stripping because he lied about the difficulty regarding the last contract and the new record deal he has with Screwface. Nikki and Fizz exit the conversation, and after venting her feelings, Shanda makes her way toward the door -- leaving Willie confused about what to do.

Willie has work to do and hits the stage, but after the performance, he finds a crying Shanda waiting for him outside of the club. She explains that she never wanted to get back on the pole but she felt she needed to lift some of the financial burdens he had. This was her way of helping their family. According to Willie, she needs to trust him and not worry about the finances because he will do everything he can to take care of them. While she can help in other ways, she doesn't need to go back to stripping to do it. By the end of it all, the two apologize and forgive each other. Now if only every argument could end like this.

Teairra isn't back at 100 percent, but the show needs to go on. So she whips up her design patterns and makes it to the fashion show's fitting. While she knows that Hazel-E is now part of the production team, she is surprised to find out that Milan is also part of the event. However, she's happy to include some man candy in the project. But the tables turn when she finds out Princess is also going to be showcasing her swimsuit line in the show.

Once Teairra finds this out, she decides to not be in the show altogether. This makes everyone turn against Tea. But of course, she isn't afraid to fight back, especially when Hazel brings up Yung Berg. The two start arguing, but in the end, it looks like Teairra lost this battle as Milan escorts her out of the building.

But that only means one thing -- war. So be sure to tune in next week to see what Teairra Mari does to get revenge because we all know she's got something up her sleeve.

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