Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly may have been absent from last week's episode, but the rapper changes that in Monday night's show (March 23) by making a big move. He's buying her a big diamond ring.

Enlisting Erica Mena's help, he wants to buy the ring for Amina but also promises to turn over another leaf and change for the better. While Erica wants to see these two happy, she's still skeptical. However, she does meet up with Amina for some catching up. And before she can actually start talking about the good in Peter, Amina breaks it down and expresses that she's not happy. She admits that she doesn't feel loved and doesn't want to make a relationship work with him. But Erica tells Amina to give Peter another chance because the way she's been ignoring him has been getting under his skin and he might change. Amina doesn't look too convinced.

To show that she's taking one step forward, she meets with Orrin, a guy she's not only worked with but also dated. While it seems that she's ready to jump into this new working relationship, Amina is hesitant to really work on moving on from Peter. But she makes that promise. So we'll just have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, Rich Dollaz vents to Cisco Rosado about what went down with Jhonni Blaze and reveals that he's done. However, Cisco has more heartfelt news and tells Rich that he wants to pursue Cyn Santana. Calling her Cynthia, he said he's ready to take this relationship where it can go, retire his player lifestyle and become "Cisco the Saint." But what does Cyn think?

She meets with Chrissy Monroe at the nail salon to tell her about Cisco's advances, but more importantly, to talk about Ray, a man she's known since high school. She dated him in the past and admits that they've started seeing each other. Now she wants to just keep it professional with Cisco. Later in the episode, Cisco invites Cyn to his favorite restaurant. While she appreciates the gesture, she lays it out there that she is only interested in a working relationship. And although it's a blow for Cisco, he picks himself up and wishes her well with whatever she does in the love department.

On Chrissy's side, she explains that she wants Chink Santana to take the next step and ask him to move in together. If he says no, then she's got to go. So Chrissy meets up with Chink to tell him about an apartment she found for both of them. However, he's not having it. While the argument doesn't really explode, Chrissy feels that she is still number two in Chink's life, and she's over it. The two part without really saying much else.

Yandy Smith, her friend Candy and Kimbella head to the Lounge in Brooklyn to do tastings for her upcoming baby shower. This is where Yandy reveals she wants to do a commitment ceremony with her fiance, Mendeecees Harris, at the same event. She said she wants to do this to change her last name before her baby girl is born. But there's one problem, she has to tell Mendeecees' mom, Judy, to make her feel like she's a part of all of this. She takes Judy to a spa to talk about her plans. And while Judy is a little confused on why they just can't get married, she's happy that Yandy will soon be a Harris.

After the blow up between Rich and Jhonni, she sits down with his mom, Jewel, who's Rich's business manager. However, Jhonni can't stop letting her tears flow, which Rich's mama isn't going to stand for. In the end of it all, Jewel tells Jhonni to talk to her son about what the next step in their working relationship will be. So Rich invites Jhonni to meet him at a bar, where he handles business. And as they start talking things out, Jhonni's emotions get in the way and she starts to get in his face.

Fearful of a full-on fight, even the camera crew and producers try to break it up. Tired of all these blow-ups, Rich is done with it all. Not only does he break their contract, anything he and Jhonni had is completely over. What makes it worse is that Jhonni got a deal with a jewelry company through Rich's management. But since that working relationship is done, now she won't be able to get in on that. Rich says his piece and walks away, leaving Jhonni sobbing at the bar.

Well, that's one fight we've been waiting for all season. Come back next week to find out how everything goes down in the season finale of Love & Hip Hop.

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