On the latest episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York,' Yandy puts her foot down and tells Rich Dollaz that she is no longer interested in signing Amina to their record label. "Usually money is money to me. But this is just really close to home with me," she tells Tara while they're working out at the gym.

Amina is now considering dumping Peter Gunz as a manager because things aren't picking up. Knowing this, Peter makes a desperate request to Rich, asking that he and Yandy sign his wife. Rich thinks it's all good, but later on while they are out, Yandy tells Peter that she's not down with the deal. He takes the loss but still wants Rich to assist him in managing Amina's career in the meantime.

During this week's show, Saigon decides to do "something special" to get to know the mother of his child on a deeper level so he takes her on a painting date. "I want to be better than my dad," he confesses to her as they discuss possibly building a family together.  "It's like all the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together," Erica says excitedly. But a storm is brewing not too far away.

Erica Mena continues to hide the fact that she has signed a contract with Rich Dollaz from her girlfriend, Cyn Santana, because she knows how she'll react. On the flipside, Cyn believes Nya Lee should reconsider working with Erica and convinces them both to sit down and talk things out. But that only ends with Nya calling Erica's bag fake and the latter throws a stack of cash at her. She then storms out of the club they were meeting at.

Saigon later reveals to Peter during a guys night out at a pool hall that he thinks his son is lagging behind in his child development. "I went on Google and did some research," Saigon says. Now he wants to confront Erica about the issue because it's stopping him from sleeping at night.

They go out to eat, and Saigon starts off calm, but then he begins blaming Erica for his son's "problems." Erica takes offense and feels his approach is all wrong. Before you know it, they are arguing in the parking lot. Erica calls him a "scumbag," and Saigon takes a shot by calling her "booty fake" and then takes her bag and throws it near the bushes. The disrespect in the scene is outrageous.

Meanwhile, Yandy has problems of her own. Mendeecees, who is still in jail since last season, isn't telling her the whole story about his legal troubles. He assures her from over the phone that "everything will be OK." Their son's first birthday came and went and reality is starting to hit her like a ton of bricks. On top of that, his bail hearing keeps getting pushed back. Mendeecees' lawyer won't tell her any information either because he has to keep the details of the case confidential. "Brace yourself for a long process," the attorney forewarns her.

Peter catches Tara on the way to work and wants to work out a way they can still have a healthy relationship as parents, but she's not having it. "I need space," she tells him flatly. He's left outside looking sorry again.

Yandy's father comes to see her from Florida for a few days and lovingly lets her know that she should prepare for the worst with Mendeecees. "Don't get your hopes up too high, for a big let down," he wisely explains. At this point, Yandy may have it all as far as her career, but her relationship has fallen apart and it might be time to face reality.

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