After watching Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris' big wedding day extravaganza last week, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returns full of the fights and drama that we look forward to in each episode.

The show kicks off with Momma Dee's family dinner to inform everyone of her rekindled romance with Ernest. She wants to reunite Scrappy, his little sister Jasmine, their respective significant others and Ernest's mother, Bessie Bryant. After saying grace, Dee allows everyone to share their feelings at the table. So Bessie admits her anger toward Dee for sending Ernest to jail. And even though Ernest admitted that he did do all those bad things by selling drugs and stealing a car, his mother didn't care because Dee shouldn't have ratted him out.

While it seems Bessie has forgiven Dee for what transpired, Jasmine still doesn't think that Ernest's intentions are true and is only back with Dee for her money. Bessie agrees with Jasmine and doesn't think Dee and Ernest should be together. And before someone flips a table, Scrappy calms things down and says that there will be no fists thrown in his house.

Dee and Ernest are clearly back together. However, that hits a snag when Ernest wants to push back their wedding, which is something that upsets Dee. But after talking it out, he says that it doesn't mean that they won't remarry, just not now. And Dee agrees to it, at least for now.

Jessica Dime is starting to get cozy in Atlanta. Despite her fall-out with Jazze Pha, she kept it moving and stopped by designer PreMadonna's design studio with booking agent Dawn to see her new Big Waist line. But aside from just talking about Jessica working with PreMadonna, the whole showdown between Jessica and Tiffany Fox is brought up. But Jessica doesn't seem as mad at Tiffany and is more upset with Mimi Faust. So then PreMadonna brings up the fact that Margeaux said that Mimi was behind the sex tape, and that seems to seal the deal on Jessica's opinion of Mimi. However, we also find out that Dawn invited both Nikko London and Mimi to PreMadonna's event in hopes that their would be a brawl between Nikko, Margeaux and Mimi.

Meanwhile, Nikko is trying to patch things up with his wife and brings her down to the gym to talk things out. Since she's a strong woman, Margeaux admits that she just can't get back with him right away, especially with everything that's happened. She also feels like Nikko asked her to come down to Atlanta to get in the middle of drama that she doesn't need. However, she is willing to work things out with him if he actually stops doing her wrong. She wants to show everyone in the ATL she is more than Nikko's wife, just like she did in New York. And he tries to make it up for it by telling her about PreMadonna's event.

While it seems this will smooth things out for them, it gets sticky when the couple finds Mimi and Ariane Davis across from them at the fashion show. And Nikko makes things worse by approaching the two ladies.

Stevie J has finally completed his 30-day stint in rehab. He looks sober and happy to be out in the real world. But Stevie's problems aren't over yet. He is heading back to New York to face a judge regarding his unpaid child support case, which could put him in jail for two years.

Despite Stevie's issues, it is business as usual because he has to rush over to a photo shoot that he's doing with Joseline Hernandez for Regime magazine. As Joseline gets ready, Kalenna Harper comes by to show her support and finally gets out of the house after giving birth to her new baby. The two, along with Stevie, talk about Kalenna and her husband Tony Harper's money and potential club investment situation. Kalenna asks Stevie if he'll chat with Tony and talk some sense into him.

He may be out of rehab but unfortunately, Stevie has to leave Joseline again. While the two do the photo shoot, he tells her that he needs to go to New York on his own to handle the legal troubles and needs to put any baby talk on hold, despite the fact that Joseline wants to have his baby sooner rather than later. And while we all know her temper gets the best of her, she tones it down and is the supportive wife that she promises to be. But she shows her man she's there for him by surprising him in New York, ready to walk with him into the courthouse. Now that's love.

The last time we saw Kirk and Rasheeda Frost, they were arguing over their financial problems. Things are still looking bad when Kirk takes Ashley Nicole, his new artist, out on the road. Not only is Ashley already talking smack about Rasheeda while discussing things with Kirk at the rehearsal space, but she also calls her "old and dusty" when they are about to head out on tour.

Of course, Rasheeda isn't having any of it. While she agrees he can do this "promo," she doesn't hold back when Ashley starts with her slick mouth. Rasheeda holds back from smacking her and instead goes into her house to get Kirk's stuff ready to sell in an auction. If he's going to make money, she'll do it, too, on her own terms.

"Crazy feelings and emotions going on," as Scrappy says. Stay tuned for the drama to continue until next week.

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