On last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we ended on a major cliffhanger. Nikko London's wife, Margeaux, sat down with Joseline Hernandez for drinks and to dish about the infamous Nikko and Mimi Faust's sex tape. Putting Nikko's wife and Mimi's arch enemy in a room together? You know something crazy is going to go down, which is what we find out this week.

Margeaux, who's been yearning to talk to someone other than her husband, finds comfort in chatting with Joseline, and finally the news comes out. Margeaux reveals that Mimi was behind the tape all along (according to Nikko) and that leaving the bag in the airport so the tape could be found by a stranger was all her idea. She also admitted that she won't be keeping this a secret, and now that Joseline knows, we all know that the rest of the ATL will, too.

After meeting up with Joseline to look for wedding invites for her upcoming nuptials with Stevie J, she hinted at the dirt but focused energies on getting a party together. And after hashing out who they like and don't like, they realized the list isn't that long. However, we do find out that while Jessica Dime has been saying that she and Joseline were really cool back in Miami, Joseline has a different story.

She thinks Jessica is just riding her coattails now that she's in Atlanta. However, she did invite Premadonna, who Joseline also knows from MIA, a businesswoman who just moved to Atlanta. Margeaux also comes along and before even getting a drink, all the news comes out. Margeaux drops the bomb that Mimi concocted the idea of the sex tape leak and of course, Joseline is eating this up as she claps like crazy.

While Joseline finds joy is Mimi being exposed, Stevie is in his third week of rehab and feels good about being sober. However, he gets a surprise from his longtime friend Faith Evans. Stevie tells her about the issues he's run into because he wants Joseline to join him on the sober train. Faith reassures him to keep urging her and that things will work out. Finally, Stevie tries to convince Faith to work with him again and get in the studio together. She tells him about her King and I project, which is a duets album with herself and Notorious B.I.G., her former husband. She's been working on the effort for years and invites Stevie to join the process.

But before the lid gets blown off this news, Mimi sits down with Tiffany Foxx at Taproom Coffee to smooth things over since Stevie's drunk scene at Tiffany's showcase. And after apologizing and promising to get Tiffany into the studio, Mimi mentions that she wants to manage her -- making Tiffany press the brakes a bit. She explains she has a manager since the beginning of her career.

Tiffany says she'll let me Mimi deliver on her studio and producer promises and think about the whole manager thing. Feeling like she's on a roll with her management company, Mimi then holds a meeting with Jessica to bring her onto the team. However, when Mimi brings up the fact that she's also working with Tiffany, Jessica makes it known that working with her is a full-time gig.

Mimi has an idea to bring both women together to meet with Jazze Pha, but things don't go as planned. Things start off positive with the producer, however, it gets sour when Tiffany walks in. Jessica and Tiffany start arguing and don't even let Jazze Pha get his word in to end it. Tiffany is fed up and leaves but also tells Mimi that their potential management deal is over. Meanwhile, Jessica doesn't stop running her mouth, which makes Jazze mad. And when he tries to set her straight, she fails to shut up.

Meanwhile, Momma Dee is back with her ex-husband Ernest Bryant, who surprised her with a "fancy meal" at a chicken wing place. She discusses the issues between Erica Dixon and Scrappy, but Ernest points out that the couple needs to figure their own stuff out. Dee and Ernest had a crazy relationship in the past -- he went to jail and took money from Scrappy -- but she admits she hasn't found a man that she loves more than him.

However, when he surprises her with a ring in her cocktail glass, she doesn't appreciate the "ghetto" way he went about things. But in the end, she accepts it and has him put it on her finger. And when she tells Scrappy she is back with Ernest, he realizes his mother is happy. The rapper also warns her that his sister Jasmine does not like Ernest at all. Dee tries to pacify things by having Scrappy host a family dinner with her kids and Ernest's mom.

Scrappy later meets up with his little sis Jasmine, who reveals all her hate for Ernest. She then explains how bad it was during their childhood and believes that Ernest is only back with their mom for her money. But she's glad the whole family is getting together because she wants everything to be hashed out.

As for Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's situation, he's trying to set things right by putting the new house construction project into motion. Good news only lasts for a second because Rasheeda comes to the site to call him out for removing $32,000 out of one of their joint accounts. And after that discussion, she threatens -- Rasheeda will freeze the account and open up her store anyway.

Kirk meets up with Tony Harper and Yung Joc for some pool later on in the episode. And after each talk about their issues, they realize that they really do have trouble with their love lives and money. But that's what happens when you're on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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