A local sports store that has been doing business in the Capital Region since 1896 has suddenly closed its doors. Without warning, a sign appeared on the shuttered doors and windows of a sports store that has been a staple in the area for one hundred and twenty two years. According to News Channel 13, Goldstock's Sporting Goods displayed a sign on their door that read, "will be closed until further notice. Thank you for your continued support." The message is the same on their Facebook page.

Customers speculate that maybe they closed because of the competition of the big box sports stores and people choosing not to buy local. Many have been shopping there since they were kids. They sold everything from varsity jackets, baseball gloves and was one of the oldest ski shops in the entire country.

If you have prepaid for merchandise from Goldstock's, there is information on how to get it through an email address. support@goldstockssportinggoods.com.

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