Last month, during a Lil Wayne concert in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a man was punched in the head by one of the rapper's security guards. When the news first broke, the concertgoer reportedly threw a beer bottle at the "Believe Me" rhymer, which caused security to rush him in the crowd and give him a beatdown. Now the assault victim's 911 call after the incident has been released.

Apparently Tunechi was three hours late to the gig and the man who got punched was upset, which caused him to hold up a phone banner that said "F--- Weezy." After the assault, the man called 911, a call that was obtained by TMZ.

"I'd like to file a police report," said the alleged victim. "I was assaulted. This happened about 10 minutes ago. I don't know exactly who I was assaulted by. I was inside club Revolution in downtown Fort Lauderdale."

From there, he gives details about the incident and informs the dispatcher he wants to file a report in case he has to pay for medical treatment. "I was standing in the crowd trying to enjoy myself, and next thing I know I'm on my ass on the floor and being carried out by the bouncers, and told that I did something wrong when I didn't," he explained.

The gentleman also states that his call isn't meant to get his attacker arrested. "I'm not calling to get somebody else in trouble here," said the Florida man. "I'm calling to cover my ass in case I wake up tomorrow with a concussion, and there's expenses that I need to incur. There needs to be a police report filed."

There's no word if the the unidentified man already filed a lawsuit but it won't be surprising if he does. There's also a chance that Wayne could settle outside of court and cut the guy a check. Either way, it doesn't look like we've heard the end of this.

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