Seth Meyers got thrown a curveball in his first week as the 'Late Night.' Kanye West, who was a handful for a seasoned vet like Jimmy Kimmel, was Meyers' guest for his second show in the late-night circuit (Feb. 25). The rapper didn't dominate the conversation, however. Yeezus was able to gel well and crack a few laughs with the hosting newcomer.

For 'Late Night with Seth Meyers,' West didn't look as much of a milquetoast as he did on the 'Kris Jenner Show.' He did maintain himself as the vigilante against the status quo, telling Meyers, "It's necessary for an artist like me -- a very punk, forward artist -- to be on 'SNL' that many times, to be on TV and do talk shows, so you guys have an err in the matrix."

But Ye did have some golden moments. Meyers asked West what's the difference between working in fashion and music. West baffled everyone with this gem: "Everything in the world is exactly the same." He paused before explaining that passion is at the core of everything great, regardless of the profession.

"There's certain people -- a teacher in eighth grade [for example] -- that [you knew] this person really cared," West says. "You knew that person cared about you as a student and gave everything they had and they were meant to do that."

He then talked about aspects of himself that may not be known to many. He claims he has synesthesia, a condition Pharrell also has that makes a person sees sounds as colors, and says his job is to give you "sonic paintings." Meyers than revealed that West co-wrote a 'Saturday Night Live' skit back in 2007, which had him hilariously interrupting random award shows, including a Pumpkin Contest ("It got champagne in it!").

Perhaps what helped this interview work was how Meyers looked genuinely interested in the guest. Another highlight was when Meyers referred to 'Last Call,' the autobiographic finale to 'The College Dropout.' In a somewhat brilliant take, the late-show host realized West recorded the album-ending come-up tale a while before the album. This means West was already 100 percent confident about 'The College Dropout being a success. "The album is not even out and you recorded a song basically saying, 'It's a hit, it worked,'" Meyers notes.

Lastly, West once again owned the late-night stage, and this time he decided to do a greatest hits performance. The G.O.O.D. Music leader performed a medley of his best songs, including 'Stronger,' 'Jesus Walks' and 'Black Skinhead,' to close out the night. He solely performed 'Bound 2' on his previous performance on 'Late Night,' which was then hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

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