Juice Wrld says that he's done what very few artists have been able to do in the past. Jumping onto his Twitter account on Tuesday morning (March 12), Juice claimed that didn't have to write out any of his songs for his latest studio album, Death Race for Love. He simply freestyled it all off the top of his head.

"I don’t need anyone to right shit for me I freestyled my whole album by my mf self not knocking any writers or artist who have them but I just can’t sit here and not get the credit I deserve. with that bring said ..I FREESTYLED FAST FUCK I LOOK LIKE," Juice Wrld said in a tweet Tuesday.

Juice went on to say that he doesn't rely on assistance from other artists when it comes to writing his songs. Although he doesn't allow anyone to interfere with his creative process, Juice is inspired by the likes of artists like ILoveMakonnen. During an interview with XXL, the Atlanta rapper, who recently teamed up with Gucci Mane for "Spendin'" spoke about his recent studio session with Juice and praised the rapper's new album.

“[Juice Wrld has] always been very vocal about my influence and inspiration to his music,” said Makonnen. “When I met him he was just bigging me up and telling me how much my music meant to him and what I mean to him as an artist.”

See what Juice Wrld has to say about the making of his sophomore album below.

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