Marianne Williamson On Reparations And Conscious Candidacy In Her Run For President In 2020

Marianne discusses the fact that most American's are unaware of racism.

The effects of slavery on today's world.

The government never delivered on promises made to freed slaves.

The conversation that dominates our politics do not go deep enough.

The government doesn't address problems enough to transform problems the government just fixes them temporarily.

Donald Trump is the reason, she is running for President. Her father who was very influential in her life raised her against the current administration.

How she plans to run her campaign based off of strategized love.

Where will the reparations money come from?

How will white people feel about reparations?

Marianne also discusses Universal Health Care For All.

How the government is a source of political bribery.

How she utilizes White Privilege to encourage justice for all.

Slavery was the worst American tragedy that has ever happened.

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