Joe Budden stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to promote his new upcoming Revolt TV series "State Of The Culture”, which is set to premiere September 10th.

After finding success in podcasting and online media Joe Budden talked with The Breakfast Club about how he decided to retire from making music and how although he wanted to rebrand himself the success he has found wasn't planned saying: “When I was doing my last album, I was trying to figure out how to rebrand, this wasn’t calculated, I think that when I started making certain changes for myself good things started to happen and the universe started to respond”. Although this isn't Joe's first time working a mic outside of rap as he used to be a morning personality on Radio, but music industry legend Kevin Liles made him stop doing it because he didn't think you can be on air and sell records at the same time.

Before he found success with "The Joe Budden Podcast" he was on a little show on Complex called "Everyday Struggle". While his highly public split with the company & show is evidently what led him down this road eventually scoring him a deal with Revolt TV. Speaking on why he left the show Budden said: “Creative differences, I think that the idea of what I thought it would be and what it turned out to be by the end of it was really different, I thought it would be more mature”. While Joe says otherwise Chalamagne claims he called that Joe was going to walk away from Complex at some point. Joe also cited that while other companies seemed to value him with Complex it was different,  “every other company looking at my value and it's hot, odd that yall are the only ones that don’t recognize that”.

While he is still currently signed to Eminem's record label Joe is adamant about the fact that he isn't going to be putting out any new music. When the Detroit MC's most recent album came out Joe was one of the biggest critiques of it earning himself a diss record from Eminem and leaving other members of the group Slaughterhouse confused as to why he would say the things he said about the album. According to Joe, however, everything is good now with him and Royce Da 5'9 as they had a conversation about everything that happened and to simply sum up his relationship with Em Joe said: “I’m just not close with him”.

With "State of The Culture" premiering in a couple of weeks The Breakfast Club asked Joe if he would be talking about more than just hip-hop on the show.  His response was of course because sometimes when you talk about hip-hop and sports your eventually going to get into politics, adding you can expect there to be more than just talk about music on the show.

While Cyn Santana was part of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" some time ago it doesn't look like the rumors of Joe appearing on this upcoming season are true as he shot them down during the Interview.

State of the culture premieres digitally at 5 pm Monday and then a Tv special will air the following day on Revolt


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