You just can't stop this guy. In yet another huge business move, Jay Z's streaming service TIDAL has fully integrated with WiMP, a Norwegian music platform. According to Billboard, Hov purchased TIDAL on Jan. 30 and his $56.2 million bid was accepted on March 10.

WiMP began in 2011, but failed to compete with other popular streaming services like Groove Shark and Spotify. However, things may change after this recent partnership.

In addition, WiMP will no longer be used as a company name and instead it will be referred to as TIDAL. The company is set to offer far better audio quality than other streaming services -- more than four times the bit rate.

TIDAL will also have 25 million songs in its library, including 75,000 music videos that you can access through IOS and Android phone apps. Moreover, users can access a bunch of curated content, handpicked by industry folks and music journalists.

Andy Chen, CEO of TIDAL, says the company doesn't want to offer just another streaming service, but rather raise the bar when it comes to sound quality.

"TIDAL reflects our mission to deliver the highest quality music streaming service," he said in a statement. "From making sure there's no loss in sound quality to telling the stories behind the creation of the music, we aim to maximize the listening experience. We are catering to people who really appreciate the quality of things in life, whether that is music, sound or lifestyle."

At this point, Jay Z hasn't made a big announcement about the merger, but acts like Taylor Swift have already started putting their catalogs on TIDAL.

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