Beyonce is still over seas for her Mrs Carter Tour, doing her thang, entertaining the masses of fans. Of course her honey boo, Jigga is over there also showing his support for the love of his life.You know they had to squeeze some time in between to get out and unwind at night as they always like to have a good time....But, the other night they were sipping on some strange cocktails that had chicken bones in them, yes chicken bones!

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They were in London and made a stop at a pub called the White Lyan to relax and have some adult bevvies. This place is known for serving up some strange cocktails and this gutsy duo took on a drink called the "Blood Martini."

It aint the reference to blood (probably involves blood orange vodka) that scares me, it's the fact that there are chicken bones in the martini. YES CHICKEN BONES. I immediately envision a martini class with chicken wing bones in it which raises a lot of questions in my mind, one most importantly being, who sucked the meat off the bones?!

Aint no thang but a chicken wang, in my martini? WTF?!

I will take a martini with chicken wings ON THE SIDE,  thank you! Would you be daring enough to sip on any drink with bones involved?