R&B singer London plans to celebrate the smoker’s holiday with his new EP, '4:20,’ which drops on April 15. The set’s first single is the smooth track 'Rollin'.'
As the title suggests, the Bay Area crooner boasts of his weed rolling skills. Think of the song as a smoothed-out companion to Redman's 'How to Roll a Blunt.'

"Stuff it full of that good / Twist it up to perfection / My joint looks so good I should be giving lessons on rollin’ up," he sings (via Auto-Tune).

Near the end of the song, London offers to help teach his lady friend the art of rolling a blunt.

"This is dedicated to the smokers! We like to call this 'California Mood Music’… lush, bass heavy tracks, sparse lyrics & harmonies," says London.

"This particular project is dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of cannabis sativa ... it's meant to serve as a soundtrack while enjoying your smoking session, chilling, etc. Enjoy!"

Whether you smoke weed or not, get high off of the soulful vibes of London’s new song below.

Listen to London's Song 'Rollin''