Rapper proves it’s not such a “Cole World” after all!

The Dreamville/Roc Nation Records rapper is set to allow homeless single mothers to stay at his childhood home rent-free.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! The artist who released arguably the best Hip Hop album of 2014 has now committed to opening the home his mother purchased when Cole was a child, 2014 Forest Hills Drive (which also happens to be the name of the album), to homeless single mothers in the Fayetteville, NC home. And this comes with no strings attached, as the women and their family would live in the home for 2 years RENT FREE.

I wish more artists felt compelled to give back to the neighborhoods that they came from. This is the true definition of paying it forward. From this, to Cole marching with the people in Ferguson, Missouri and in New York City to protest the senseless deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner, he’s easily winning my favorite person award so far in the last 6 months.

Read the NY Daily News article here.

What do you think of J. Cole's act of kindness?