Rat infestations appear to be a major problem for cities in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. 

Is there anything worse than seeing a rodent in your home? The answer is probably yes, however rodent issues are certainly on the top of the list.

It is winter in the Northeast and that is the time where all the little mice, rats, and other disgusting creatures find their ways int our homes whether we like it or not.

There are are several cities in the Northeast that has been named the most rat-infested. That includes cities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. New York alone has five total cities on the list put together by Orkin.

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According to the report:

Cities on the Rattiest Cities List are based on the number of new rodent services showcasing the demand and also indicates the efforts that residents and businesses of the top cities have taken to treat rodent issues.


Of the top 50 cities ranked New York seems to have a biggest problem. Albany-Troy landed on the list at number 42. Considering all the cities in the United States making the top 50 here is not something to be very proud of.

Finishing below the Capital Region were Rochester at 46 and Syracuse at 48. Buffalo finished ahead of Albany and Troy at 38.

Chicago topped the list at number one and Los Angeles finished behind them in the two spot.

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New York City was ranked as the third most rat-infested city in America. Philadelphia was not far behind them at number six. Massachusetts only had one entry on the list at 13 and that would be Boston.

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