The new COVID variant that's spreading rapidly across New York State features some bizarre new symptoms to watch out for.

The new variant called JN.1 remains "the fastest-growing variant in the United States," according to the CDC.

New COVID Variant Spreading In New York State


The new variant now accounts for 15 to 29 percent of all COVID cases across the United States, the CDC reports in its latest report.

This new variant is another descendant of the Omicron variant, officials say. It's believed to be more contagious than other forms of COVID.

"The continued growth of JN.1 suggests that it is either more transmissible or better at evading our immune system," the CDC states. "The rapid growth of JN.1 compared with other variants raises the question of whether this variant might drive an incremental increase in infections."

Odd New Symptoms

The JN.1 variant comes with most of the typical COVID symptoms, but top health officials say many sick people are reporting two new symptoms.

Trouble sleeping and more anxiety were two new reported symptoms among people surveyed with COVID.

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Other Common Symptoms

Below are the other common symptoms among surveyed respondents with COVID-19, according to the Office for National Statistics:

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Lost Of Taste And Smell

The loss of taste and smell, one of the most common COVID symptoms during the peak of the pandemic, is now no longer one of the most common symptoms.


Only 2 to 3 percent of people recently infected reported losing their senses of taste and smell.

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