Did you know ZIP code is an acronym? While the United States Postal Service originally implemented the idea of postal districts in the 1940s, it wasn't until July 1, 1963 that the Zone Improvement Plan was officially put into place nationwide.

It took about ten years for the five digits to take hold in the public, with some help from an extremely red animated postal mascot named Mr. ZIP. If Mr. ZIP ever returns to Upstate to visit the Capital Region, he'll probably stop in five specific ZIP codes first in the hopes of finding some extra cash laying around.

Rich ZIPs

The Albany Business Review released their list of the Capital Region's wealthiest ZIP codes for 2022. To calculate their list, they used government data to calculate which district had the highest median household income in the past year.

For comparison's sake, United State Census data lists the median household income for the city of Albany at $48,512. All five wealthiest ZIP codes had incomes more than double the average, with each district pulling in at least $109,000. In 2018, only two richest ZIP codes cracked six digits.

Four counties were represented and this year the Capital Region has a new wealthiest ZIP code. What is it? Keep scrolling to find out!

#5 - ZIP Code 12309

ZIP Code 12309
Google Maps

Niskayuna leads off for Schenectady County. The median household income here is $109,958.

#4 - ZIP Code 12148

ZIP Code 12148
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The lone entry from Saratoga County, the median household income in Rexford is  $111,004.

#3 - ZIP Code 12054

ZIP Code 12054
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Albany County goes back to back, with the median household income of Delmar at  $113,383.

#2 - ZIP Code 12211

ZIP code 12211
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One of the Capital Region's weirdest shaped ZIP codes and just outside of downtown Albany, Loudonville bumps right up against number four from this list. The median household income here is $117,519

#1 - ZIP Code 12196

ZIP Code 12196
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West Sand Lake tops this year's list to give Rensselaer County the advantage. The area's median household income is $117,888.

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