If you could say one thing that New York's Capital Region is known for what would it be?

Living in the Capital Region we're pretty much in the middle of everything when it comes to New York. However unlike so many other regions in the Empire State we aren't known for any particular thing - at least not to my memory.

Sure, there might be events people come for, but what are we KNOWN for? That is the big question. There has to be something in the Capital Region that can leave a lasting legacy. Our garbage plate. Our boiler maker. But what exactly is it?

Is there a food we're known for? All that comes to mind for me is the mini hot dogs you can get at places like Famous Lunch, Gus' and Hot Dog Charlies. Maybe something like The Cookie Factory? We do have some great deli and sandwich shops, that's for sure.

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Maybe we're known for that Albany, NY song that came out all those years ago? If you've never seen or hear it, give it a watch below and then continue.

Finished? Good now we can continue.

We have some significant landmarks and destinations. The track, Lake George. Those are summer places people flock to. Also the Empire State Plaza is pretty unique.

I decided to ask on Facebook what we were known for and while some of the answers are, let's say, spicy, some of them really checked out.

Some popular answers

  • Stewart's (or Storts)
  • The Egg
  • The Great Escape
  • GE (General Electric)
  • The NYS Museum
  • Steamed Hams (get it?)
  • Melba Sauce

Some spicy answers

  • Pot holes
  • Crime
  • Crooked politicians
  • Losing sports teams
  • Terrible radio stations (we're not offended at all)
  • Gun shots

My personal favorite, "Making a bank, storage unit or medical office every single time there is a vacant building…"

They aren't wrong.

Overall I think the Capital Region has some pretty great things. Kay's Pizza, wings at Ravenswood, Thatcher Park, Downton Saratoga, Chowder fest, Tulip fest, the list goes on.

It's not a bad place at all. People are just a little too negative these days.

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