We all have our favorites, from favorite TV shows to meals, bands, sports teams and more. One subject in particular can generate a lot of passion and heated debate regarding favorite grocery stores. Do you love Hannaford or do you wish you had a Wegmans near you, for example.

Of the Top 10 Best Grocery Store Chains In the Country, New York is home to 5 of them. Here's the ranking.

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According to Solitared, the Top 3 Best Grocery Stores in the Country can be found in New York State and a total of 5 brands are in the Empire State. The other 5 are;

Here's the best of the rest, all in New York, including the Top 3 Best Grocery Stores in America.

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The Fresh Market -  #10 Overall and #5 in New York State

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Aldi Grocery Stores - #9 Overall and #4 in New York State

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Wegmans - #3 overall and #3 in New York State

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Costco - #2 Overall and #2 in New York State. Now it is time to reveal the #1 Best Grocery Store in America. Do you agree? Which is your favorite?

The team at Solitared analyzed Google reviews from 3,000 individual grocery stores across 100 cities to highlight which ones stand out in a variety of categories.

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Trader Joe's - #1 Overall and #1 in New York State. Customers love Trader Joe's customer service, food quality, prices and the speed of their checkout lines.

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