Check DJ ShOw & #TeamHot at 21B this past Saturday!

This past Saturday, Hot 99.1 was tapped to come out to host local Hip Hop artist International Snoopi's mixtape release party, the Dear Summer: The Official Summer June Bash, at 21B Sports Bar in Coxsackie, NY.

When I pulled up to 21B Sports Bar, I was immediately greeted by the man of the night himself, International Snoopi and the Vampire Poker Life family.

DJ ShOw & International Snoopi

I make my way all the way into the venue and found DJ Young Star on the set, already putting in work and Tyler Star hosting, warming up the crowd.

Tyler Star & DJ Young Star
DJ ShOw & Tyler Star

After the warm up set, the Tropical Blendz/MaadRaas bredren DJ Tek jumped on the 1 and 2s and gave straight vibes that got the ladies moving.

DJ Tek


All in all, the mixtape release party was a successful event. Shout to International Snoopi and the entire Vampire Poker Life crew for the hospitality. Also, shout Tyler Star, DJ Tek, DJ Young Star and DJ Var Tha All Star for keeping the crowd entertained.