You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has as much pride in their birthplace as Ice Cube. The Los Angeles native took the stage in his hometown on Sunday night and took the opportunity to express his thoughts on basketball player, Dwight Howard’s decision to leave the Lakers for the Houston Rockets.

The performance was part of the Kings Of The Mic Tour. The collective event included performances by Cube along with De La Soul, Public Enemy and LL Cool J. Cube cemented his position in the rap game during the performance, saying “Some of you motha f---ers out there didn’t think I could still do this sh--. Some of ya’ll thought I was all movie’d out. Ya’ll thought I was TV’d out. Ya’ll thought I was Coors Light-the-f--- out!” Let em know, Cub! Haha, perhaps the event was overshadowed by his comments on the former Lakers center, though.

“F--- Dwight Howard, god d--- it!” could’ve summed it up, but Cube continued. “We love L.A.! We don’t need no punk ass motha f---as on our team. We don’t give a f--- about a Dwight Coward.”

Cube has never been a huge supporter of a Howard/Lakers relationship. Back in 2012 he appeared on ESPN and was a huge proponent of keeping Andrew Bynum, who was traded to Philadelphia. It was the same trade that landed Howard in Los Angeles.