The Times Union wrote a story about 26 year old Elijah Thomas who was shot Sunday afternoon near a West Hill playground. He was shot in the neck and both arms around 1pm outside Swinburne Park. This is the 4th shooting in 8 days around the Albany area. Local organizations like “SNUG” are doing their best to stop violent acts like these.

SNUG is a violence intervention program which utilizes a public health approach to reduce shootings and killings in the community. They pattern themselves after the Chicago CeaseFire Model. SNUG does not gather or share info with law enforcement.

Some of SNUG’s goals include working in neighborhoods affected by violence, utilizing research to determine when and where violence is occurring, employing credible messengers who have personally experienced incarceration and street life, getting residents/businesses involved to build a better community, and working with violence victims, their families, hospitals and social workers to create positive plans to counteract negative situations like retaliation.

To learn more about how you can contribute to SNUG – visit their program site at 341 Clinton Ave, Albany, or check out their upcoming block party!

SNUG has assembled a day of fun for the whole family with food and games this Friday from 1pm-6pm on Orange St. between Henry Johnson Blvd. and Lexington Avenue. For more info, reach out @ (518) 694-9191

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