Today's Hot Topic is about a woman who has a son that isn't taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, he doesn't respect her opinion to get the COVID-19 vaccine and she is considering calling CPS on him because of the small children that are involved.

Check out what she had to say:

"Dear Supreme

My son is against vaccines and is a conspiracy theorist for the most part but I do believe in vaccines and do not believe that there is a conspiracy related to them. Recently I have been presented with the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

My son is so angry that I am planning on taking the shot he says I should refuse it because it is not fully FDA approved. He has also instructed his father my husband (who high risk for COVID-19) to not get it. On top of that, he does risky things like having people from out of town (like New York City and Florida) stay at his home and they do have large gatherings.

This is my son's business so normally I would stay out of it, but he is always going on and on about why people shouldn’t get the vaccine. I feel angry that people aren’t doing everything they can to stop this virus from spreading but I do feel it’s a person’s personal preference.

I have not seen my grandkids in over a year but he claims he respects that I am worried about COVID, so we chat on the phone, text each other, and do regular video chats. However, he always makes me feel like I being paranoid and ridiculous.

I am just beginning to feel like “agreeing to disagree” isn’t enough and I am going to blow up. Why would my son be so strong in his convictions that he imposes his beliefs on me?

We lose so much to COVID-19 that I would hate to lose my son. I feel like his behavior is reckless and now he is influencing his children and my husband with his rhetoric. I'm thinking about calling Child Protective Services, how should I handle this?

Should I confront my son about his beliefs? Just stay away until this pandemic is completely over? I miss my family but it is not worth the risk if my son continues to live his life like this?"

This is a huge problem there are so many different opinions on the vaccine and no one truly knows the absolute correct answer. Your son should respect your decision to take the vaccine just as you should respect his opinion to not take the vaccine. If the vaccine is effective why are you worried about his decisions?

Maybe the answer is to stay away until things are definite if that makes you feel safe. Your grandkids are ultimately his kids so his decisions will stand for them as well.

There is nothing you can do but respect it and stay away and keep yourself safe in my opinion. It sounds like both of you are dismissive of each other's opinions. This is a confusing time for many of us and I'm sure your family isn't the only one going through this.

Let me put it out there for the Capital Region to comment on call in this afternoon to talk about how your family is dealing with differing opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine 518-370-9910. Listen Live to The Supreme Experience for more Hot Topics 3p - 7p on the Hot 991 App.

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