A 20-year-old girl from Greenfield allegedly broke into the Saratoga County Homestead in Providence with the intention of causing damage with spray paint. According to CBS 6, the incident was reported on Tuesday May 11th and on Saturday May 15th Taylor A. Brueckner was arrested. She is being charged with 3rd degree burglary and 3rd degree criminal mischief.

Trespassing & vandalism will not be tolerated at the property. We have MANY legal ways to see the building. - Saratoga County Homestead (Facebook Post)

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The buildings and surrounding property have been the subject of many stories and urban legend over the years. The urge to explore the surgery room, chapel and children's hospital often compels people to enter illegally. Now you can do it legally and help renovate the property to it's past glory.

Go to Haunted Nights to reserve your legal tour hosted by experienced paranormal investigator Steve Brodt. Steve has been featured on the Travel Channel and Amazon Prime. Tours sell out quickly and there are only a few spots remaining for May.

The ultimate goal is to create a retreat for veterans, adding some local business, creation of agricultural training course and outdoor gardens along with a living museum of the sites history as a TB Hospital. Another legal way that you can see the property is to participate in one of their clean up events. Keep checking HERE for upcoming dates.

Saratoga County Homestead

Tour the Saratoga County Homestead

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