The buildings and surrounding property of the Saratoga County Homestead in Galway, New York has been the subject of many stories and urban legend over the years. The urge to explore the surgery room, chapel and theater often compels people to enter illegally. Now you can do it legally and help renovate the property to it's past glory.

In addition to public tours, the sanatorium's theater will be open, for the first time in 40 years, for a special Halloween event. Enter the theater inside the sanatorium for a 2 hour experience. During the event a horror film (Halloween 1978) will be played.

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Gina Pelletier of Selkirk, New York recently shared some of her photos and tour experience with me.

In the kitchen, while trying to find a good setting for a photo, something whispered at me. That made me a little uneasy. I didn’t hang out to find out what it said. In the basement there were 3 of us with 3 different cameras and none of them would work properly at first. Once we got towards the end of the basement, where we go to the first floor, they worked fine. It was a little odd and unnerving.

Go to Haunted Nights Evens to check availability of public tours and the theater event on Halloween.

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