A clerk and a convenience store owner fought off an attempted robber on Sunday, then learned it was the same man who had robbed the store two days earlier, police said.
Security video from Nutting’s Corner Store, 1359 5th Ave., shows a man going behind the counter and hitting buttons on the cash register. The clerk shoved the man, and yelled for the store’s owner.

When confronted, the man allegedly told the owner that he had a gun under his hooded sweatshirt. Undaunted, the owner punched the man in the neck then tussled with him for several seconds.

"He was behind my cash register," said the owner, who gave only his last name, Parvez. "He was in my store. He was demanding cash. I don't care if he had a gun or not."

This store owner is serious about his money. To come out from the back and confront an armed robber takes a lot guts. The clerk I don't if this really worth getting shot over ? I'm glad they got this guy off of the street he is dangerous.