I just happened to catch this documentary on Migos, produced by the makes of Vice. The video is full of all kinds of illegal activity, drugs guns and more.

It's a shame that Migos don't have anyone to advise them that doing this is not a good idea. This video is probably what made law enforcement aware of who they were in the first place. They are in this video showing off illegal assault weapons, all while living in a suburban gated community.

After watching this documentary, I understand exactly why they are constantly in trouble with law enforcement this was 10-minute advertisement saying "come arrest me." They are being careless with loaded weapons and even point an assault rifle (which isn't legal) at the camera person. This video was shot and uploaded in January and 6 months later the members of the group have several felony charges against them.

There is not another word for this but "stupid." These young men have an opportunity to turn their lives around and help people that come from the same environment as them, but instead they choose to snitch on themselves via video camera. Makes no sense to me, but I'm sure people will yell out "FREE Quavo," or whichever one of the three is still locked up. When the group brought any investigation the police decided to do on themselves.