Hopefully, most Americans have received their first stimulus check, although many have not even received their first unemployment check yet. Certainly, many Americans have already spent their first check, and are looking for the second stimulus check that’s been discussed over the last few months.

According to CNET, government officials realize that COVID-19 continues to financially devastate many Americans. On Monday, Donald Trump hinted that there would be a second round of bailouts for businesses and individuals alike. Trump said that the stimulus package would be good and it would be very generous, although he declined to say how much each individual would receive.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow also spoke about a possible second stimulus package. He said, “I think the tax rebates or the direct mail checks are on the table.“

In the beginning of May House Democrats passed a $3 trillion stimulus package called the HEROES Act. The package calls for another round of one-time $1,200 payments per adult and it would expand the number of people who are eligible to receive funds.

The Republican Senate has yet to act on this bill, but they are working on their own legislation to give relief to Americans. Several Republican senators have made proposals that would encourage people to go back to their old jobs. Some believe that the $600 per week unemployment benefit discourages individuals from going back to work. Senator Kevin Brady of Texas proposes giving workers, who return to their jobs, a one-time payment of $1200 or two weekly payments of $600 in addition to their wages.

Any way you look at it, it will still be a while before anyone gets a second stimulus check. Government officials are only insinuating that another round of checks is coming, so we will just have to wait and see. Be safe and take care of your families!

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