Happy holidays! No, I’m not talking about Easter. Pretty much every day has some sort of little known holiday attached to it. Today happens to be “Name Yourself Day”.

You could be boring with your celebrations and change from Steve to Joe or Christina to Amanda – or you could have fun with it (I’ll go with that option). That’s why I’ve decided to remix “Name Yourself Day” to become “Porn Name Yourself Day”.

If you aren’t familiar with the old porn name trick, they ask you to: use your first pet’s name as your first name and the name of the street you grew up on as your last name (that would make me Topper Henry). I don’t like the idea of sharing a name with my dead pet – kinda creepy. So I decided to get creative. Today, I will be known as “Bang Harris”. I didn’t follow any particular reasoning. I just like the name “Bang” (goes pretty darn well with the porn theme too). Not to mention, it gives me the opportunity to fire my imaginary pistols all day.

Have some fun with it! What is your Porn Name for the day?