Gucci Mane has been keeping himself quite busy since his release from prison last month. From dropping a song within 24 hours of his release, to recording a track with Drake and working on his own clothing line--all while being on house arrest. But it hasn't just been all work and no play, he took time to relax alongside his girlfriend Keshia Kaoir and catch up on Game Of Thrones.

Sunday night (June 12), Gucci posted a few videos to his Snapchat of him and Kaoir watching the HBO show. Clips of the show are seen in the video as well as his ankle monitor next to his girlfriends feet. He praised the show throughout his snaps.

"Babe I f---ing love this show," Gucci said during a scene where The Hound rips through several men with an ax.

Then he expressed how funny he thought Emmy Award winner Peter Dinklage saying, "This little f---ing midget is funny, man. This little motherf---a hilarious."

Also referencing a phrase from the show while adding his own musical catchphrase, he posted: "Winter is coming #Burrrrrr".

Watch Gucci's full snapchat story below.


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