It's the case of "About that life" v.s "Reality TV." Love & Hip Hop of New York cast member, Brittany Taylor claim that Rapper Remy Ma assaulted her April 16, at Irving Plaza. Remy Ma was scheduled to perform at a Cancer benefit concert at Irving Plaza, where the incident allegedly occurred. Brittany Taylor took to Instagram to show everyone what the Bronx female rapper had allegedly done to her. Claiming Remy Ma approached her at the event and close hand punched her in the eye, leaving her black and blue. Brittany Taylor who is a rapper from Harlem, claim the reason for Remy Ma allegedly punching her was because of a altercation that happened between Dejanae ( Remy Step-Daughter ) and a man in Miami. Taylor spoke to the Daily News and explain that it was a 'misunderstanding' that led to her being punched. She tells the news site that she was defending Dejanae from a man who was physically abusing her. Remy replied "that not what i heard" and punched her.

“I just don’t feel like it’s okay for people to put their hands on someone that’s not being malicious to them, that’s being genuine,” she added. “She’s supposed to be someone with the status and power that she can use for good or bad,” she said. “She shouldn’t be punching someone — punching someone so hard in the face to the point that here we are four days later and my eye’s only getting worse. It really hurts.”

Although the veteran female rapper denies all allegations she has been seen with a ankle monitor on. On Wednesday March 1st, she bailed out on $1,500 bail and reported from TMZ, her 11 p.m. curfew is now 8 p.m., and in addition she has to report to her probation officer every week instead of the four months she was doing prior to the incident.  Representative for Remy Ma and the Mackies family says, that Remy Ma denies all allegations and in fact she has an alibi. At the time of the assault, 9:30 p.m. Remy Ma was home nursing her 4 month year old baby girl, Reminisce Mackie. Authorities say that Britney Taylor is cooperating fully and is asking for any witnesses who may have witnessed the incident to come forward.

This incident took place April 16th and no one haven't came forward on Brittney Taylor's behalf?  not even the people that may has been with her ? if you ask me this smells like "clout chasing" at its fullest. Especially when according to Urban Islandz, Brittney Taylor is looking to sue. In 2019 everyone have their fingers on the record button just waiting for something to happen, so i'm pretty sure if it was any video it would of been out by now. Brittany talks so much about being 4'10 but can get down with the big dogs, where the bite sis?

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