I always say music makes the world go around. Music is the soul foundation that keeps us all connected in some way shape or form. Imagine a world without music it would be super dry and everybody would  be aggy.Good thing that's not the case, however music does change from time to time and some would appreciate the new and still take in the old but then there is some that would rather just remember what music used to sound like. I'm a little on both sides , I love and admire the music I grew up too and the music I remember my parents playing but I am a huge fan of today's music as well. It is Friday so why not take it back to some classics that came out on this day 10 years ago.

1) Jamie Foxx ft T-pain - "Blame It on " had the clubs going crazy. The hook was to catchy and every one knew what liquor to blame it on.

2) Drake - " Best I Ever Had" I knew from this song and the mix tapes that followed Drake was going to be around for years to come. Flash back to now he still dominating the charts.

3) Keri Hilson Ft Lil Wayne " Turning Me On" every female song right here. The beat is crazy and having Lil Wayne featured on the track was a major move.

4) Soulja Boi ft Sammie - "Kiss Me Through The Phone" We all know big draco started the wave and everyone else followed suit.

5) Kayne West - "Heartless" This is when I feel Kayne was at his musical peak and was everybody's favorite. Imagine if he was still on this type of time.

6) Beyonce - " Single Ladies, Put a ring on it" Had every female lady in there bag,if you were a true Beyonce fan then you knew the whole dance to this song.

7) Neyo - " Miss Independent" is a hit and put a lot of respect on women who were on they grind and handled they business.

8) Fabolous Ft Dream - " Throw it in the bag" one of my favorite songs at that time, matter fact almost all the remixes to this was fire.

9) JayZ Ft Rihanna, Kayne West - "Run This Town" if this song with these 3 powerful artists at the time didn't make a statement, then you must of not been listening to music at the time. Dope collab every time they did a song together.



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