By now most people have heard the sad news that the first black mayor of New York City, David N. Dinkins passed away last night at the age of 93. The life of the first and only Black mayor of New York City has been well documented. One thing about Mayor Dinkins that I think about today is the personal connection that I shared with him, even though he didn’t know me.

Throughout most of my early childhood, I recall my grandfather talking about his cousin who was a politician in New York City. This was long before David Dinkins beat Rudy Giuliani in the mayoral race in 1994 and became the mayor of New York City.

I don’t recall ever meeting David Dinkins in person, I'm not sure I even paid a lot of attention to my grandfather's stories. It wasn’t until my grandfather was gone and I was an adult that I realized who he was referring to. It didn’t really become real to me until Mr. Dinkins sent his condolences to my family after my grandfather passed away.

Apparently, my great-great grandfather and “cousin” David’s grandfather were brothers. At one point in time young David, along with his sister, lived with my great grandfather and grandfather for a short period of time.

I would like to send my sincerest condolences to my distant relatives on the loss of such a great man. Check out some pictures of my grandfather to see if you see a family resemblance.

Edward Bacon
Edward Bacon
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